About Me

tanyajarrett_dark2Hi, I’m Tanya and welcome to Eat. Live. Feel!  My goal of blogging is to show my readers that healthy eating is easy and versatile.  I want to take out the guesswork and provide you with real, substantial recipes.  Who doesn’t like to enjoy a healthy meal and feel good about it? That is one of the many reasons why I am so glad I can share my recipes with you!

Here’s my story
My love for food & interest in nutrition continually leads me on the search for new ways to make what my husband and I eat healthy.  As my blog title says, I believe what you put into your body directly effects how you live and feel.

You might begin to notice a trend in many of my recipes…they are mostly unrefined, whole-grain, and plant-based.  I try to focus on consuming mostly fruits, vegetables, legumes, and unrefined grains while limiting my dairy and meat consumption.  I eat this way 90% of the time, so I am left with 10% to do as I please…and this girl loves nothing more than steak, french fries, cake, and cookies!

I am easily excited by a trip to the grocery store (I always spend too much time there), trying new recipes, and examining the effects of food on the body.  My public health background has given me the tools to make educated nutritional decisions and putting the theories & research to practice has become my everyday life.

Making these dietary commitments has improved my mood, my lifestyle choices, my outlook on food in general, and my ability to be an amazing friend, family member, wife, and mother.  My husband and I share the same nutritional values and without his support and encouragement, this blog would still be a vision.

I currently live in Austria with my husband Patrick (check out the pic of us…ain’t he sweet).IMG_1457  Patrick plays professional ice hockey in the European League and we have been lucky to lucky to live and travel to different parts of the world.  We love living abroad (although we wish we could magically transport all of our friends and family) and learning about other cultures.

My husband is really my biggest supporter.  Not only that, he is my co-chef, my brainstorming recipe partner, my test guinea pig, and my biggest fan. We welcomed our first bundle of joy, Evalina, in October 2013.  We also have the sweetest kitty cat, Britney, and I can’t forget to mention her.

I received my undergraduate degree from Duquesne University in 2006 and my masters degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009.  I don’t think I ever thought that food blogging would be a passion of mine, or for that matter, that I would live in Europe!  But in life, we take things as they come and I love embracing every single moment.

So where did my love for food & nutrition begin?  I would have to say around the age of 22, when I was presented with the amazing opportunity of being Miss Pennsylvania USA 2006.  This opportunity opened many doors, including a modeling career, so it was imperative for this sweet-toothed girl to find healthy ways to enjoy the food I love.  The competitive market demanded me to stay thin and in shape.  I love to run and enjoy a tough workout, so it was food that was the obstacle to tackle.  And the story begins…

44662_588432524692_2865648_nMy public health degree allowed me to see how nutritionally deficient our society is.  I am truly inspired by Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Campbell, who have dedicated their lives to treating chronic disease through lifestyle change and nutrition.  Forget crash diets and conflicting information…focus on consuming whole foods that were put on this planet for us to eat.  I may not be the best photographer, but I can make some nutritious meals!

My personal goal is not to change you into a vegan or vegetarian, but to help you eat well, so that you can live and feel well.

Please enjoy,
From my home to yours!



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